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Start your event with an uplifting, motivation and energizing presentation.  Jim Steffen, America’s Fun Fitness Coach presents, “Fit to Achieve”.  Your audience will learn valuable information that translates to the challenges everyone faces day-to-day.  C-suite executives, sales teams and support staff alike connect with Jim and  relate to his message.

Keynote Presentations

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Corporate Talks

In a corporate setting, a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating is all the more important.  If companies work to keep their employees healthy and happy, the individual productivity of their employees will increase exponentially, while reducing their health care costs and rate of absenteeism.


Jim’s audience participation segments are lots of fun and are always crowd pleasers.


Jim will help your staff UNLEASH THEIR GREATNESS.

College Talks

College is a time of many choices, among them what to eat and what to do.  Fit to Achieve offers a tailored message for college students about avoiding the Freshman 15 and how to eat right and lose weight in a college environment, so you can build more self confidence, self esteem, optimism and be great.


K-12 Talks

A serious problem facing young people today is obesity (more than 20% of American children are overweight).  Poor eating habits and inactivity (playing video games, watching TV, and Internet use) brings on unnecessary obesity in our youth.


Designed for K-12 students, this program encourages kids to choose a healthy lifestyle which includes being drug free.


My talks are about more than physical fitness. It’s about being fit in all aspects of life. I incorporate my experiences of how using virtuous social practices leads to a more fulfilling, happier and ultimately successful life.


I want to help your students become the best they can be.  I would like to offer my presentation to your school.  


Team Sports Talks

The Fit to Achieve presentation with an emphasis on goals, continuous improvement, practice, teamwork, and optimism.