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“Jim brings old and new thinking together into one package tailored just for you. If you are willing to dedicate yourself, Jim will help you attain personal goals you never thought possible.”

- A.J. Granger NCAA Championship, 2000 Michigan State


“When I first came to Jim’s Gym I wasn’t really excited about working out, I just knew I needed to.   But when Jim put a great workout together that was not only fun but also personalized for me, I was really excited and started seeing results right away.  I honestly could not be where I am today without Jim’s expertise.”

- Josh Huston Former Ohio State University Football Kicker


“Jim’s philosophy and approach to fitness by making it fun is the only way to fly.  Enjoyment in participating reinforces the individual’s willingness and desire to make a lifestyle change.”

-Steve Courson Offensive Lineman Pittsburgh Steelers


"The results that I have seen in just a few months has been incredible.  Using Jim’s program I have gotten stronger and a lot more flexible.  Also, my balance has really improved and is helping me on the golf course.  If you dedicate yourself to Jim’s workout program I am sure that you can see the same results that I have.  I would truly recommend Jim’s program to anyone."

-Kyle Weisenburger Professional Golfer


"I highly recommend Jim’s program “Fit to Achieve” it will motivate your athletes to pursue a more intense workout program. As a wellness instructor and coach, I believe Jim’s presentation will inspire individuals of all ages and skill levels."

- Alan A. Baker Instructor Dept. of HPE, University of Findlay Head Golf coach, The University of Findlay


"Both the students and the staff had a great start to their morning. The presentation was enjoyable, informative, and amazing. The things that you are able to do on the ball is incredible. I will definitely look into getting you back to talk to the athletes at some stage."

- Fiona Hanks MS, ATC Head Athletic Trainer The University of Findlay

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Fitness Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials

K-12 Testimonials

"Jim was highly enthusiastic and motivated our students to think about the role of fitness in their lives as college students.  He was great to work with and definitely brought his “A game” to his presentation."

Michael Dunn

Director, New Student Programs

Radford University


"Jim was on the center stage for our health fair and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his communication about healthy choices for college students as well as offering high energy entertainment!  Jim brought some real energy and excitement to our health fair and provided valuable health and fitness information for our students as well."

Fran Fayish

Nurse Practioner/Educator

California University of Pennsylvania


"Jim’s “5 STEPP” success program and the fun fitness program he demonstrated inspired and amazed our students, he challenged them not only physically, but mentally as well."

David Draper

President, Winebrenner Theological Seminary


"Jim instilled a terrific message to my senior students, work hard, have a vision, demonstrate enthusiasm and have passion for your career. He is a wonderful example of a person who is motivating, creative, caring and to me, represents the ideal of the fitness industry. My students took to heart this message, and felt that Jim’s presentation will undoubtedly be the highlight of their winter quarter!"

Sara Terrell, M.S., C.S.C.S.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology

Ohio Northern University


"Jim Steffen was a terrific addition to our evening.  He was inspiring, engaging, and fun.  Jim was a terrific speaker with a powerful message."

Donna Monk, Campus Nurse

Penn State Abbington

College Testimonials

“This was unbelievable to me today.”

- Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show


“He has a really strong core.”

- Kelly Ripa, Live! With Regis and Kelly


“My favorite was the phys-ed teacher who lifted weights while standing on an exercise ball.”

- Author Stephen King


“I just can’t stop watching.  This is amazing to me.  That guy was impressive.”

- Michelle Beadle, ESPN SportsNation

"You were quite the buzz at school today.  I overheard students talking about their plans to begin eating right and exercising on a more regular basis.  You are a special person with a great message."

- Todd Thombs Chagrin Middle School


"Jim shared through his personal stories that we also need to exercise good decision making and do things for others that improves our emotional “core” that makes us who we are in our community."

- Michael Brand Principal Van Buren High School


"Jim’s ‘Fit to Achieve’ program will motivate your students to pursue an exercise for life program that we all need.  I wish I had known about a program like this when I was in college!"

- Greg Denecker Principal Bluffton High School


"I heard such positive comments from the students and staff.  You ‘wowed’ them, all the while getting your message across.  What you can ‘do’ Jim is incredible, but even more so, your enthusiasm was what was contagious and filled them with excitement.  Amazing!”

- Julie Coon Student Council Advisor Woodville Elementary School

"Fantastic! Jim’s presentation was very motivational for our employees.  Several employees have started exercise programs and I have also!"

- Marion P. Waltz Manager of Mold Operations Cooper Tire


"Your high level of enthusiasm and dedication to a fitness lifestyle is just what our team needed.  Your ability to motivate our folks is very evident in that we’ve had 54 people sign-up for our fitness challenge.  This is huge!  The straightforward and entertaining message you delivered definitely kept our peoples attention.  The most important part is that your message was delivered from the heart and inspired our people to act."

- Duane Jebbett President and CEO Rowmark


"Every parent and kid needs to read Jim’s book. Jim’s strategies will help you to take charge of your future and create your destiny. I highly recommend this great book written by this great man!"

- James Malinchak Contributing Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Two-Time College Speaker of the Year


"If you want to motivate for the long haul I highly recommend “Fit to Achieve”. Jim’s presentation jump starts a fitness for life mentality that promotes the higher levels of energy and effort that only good nutrition and exercise can provide."

- Mark Copher VP of Operations The Johnson Rubber Company

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